firedect stands for reliable products and services in the field of Thermo Technology.  From toasters, to transport, and tunnel systems:  as a German company, we specialize in detection and control of temperature variations under extreme conditions. Providing innovative and reliable solutions for the protection of vehicles, equipment, buildings, and other facilities, firedect is a reliable partner for the rapid development and distribution of individual components, systems, and services.  Our products react quickly, with reliability and efficiency, to identify critical temperature changes – in extreme negative and positive temperatures.

Under one roof.

firedect is a competent partner in the development of products for fire detection and suppression in vehicles.  Supplying quality, affordable components that include ceramic pins, sensors, thermostats, and thermal switches, firedect also offers innovative solutions in Thermo Technology in the form of Technology Management.  firedect is a subsidiary of the specialized diagnostic software development company, Vacos GmbH, and with the support and expertise of an engineering service provider, we are able to develop tailored solutions for diverse specifications, and offer customizable options for control units and telematics to suit individual client needs.  What can firedect design for you?


Trust and Thermo Technology

For decades, international bus companies and clients have trusted firedect to protect vehicles and passengers.  As specialists in Thermo Technology, our products are the extra protection you need to feel safe and secure, in business and life.  The quality and reliability of our products is our priority, and as a partner, we will provide support through the design, construction, and maintenance of all systems and products.

Firedect is your guarantee for a safer day, every day.

How do firedect-products work?


The thermal actuators made by DELTA CONCEPT allow fewer polluting particles - bimetal solutions for your chimney.



Reliable closing mechanism for sliding doors made by DELTA CONCEPT - prevents a fire from spreading.


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to assist you in fulfilling current and future regulations. We are specialists for fire alarms and self-monitoring extinguishing systems, for buses and special vehicles, for automotive screw-in and precision thermostats, overheating protection and other applications of temperature monitoring.

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